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Marketing campaigns: Facebook, newsletter, sms-ing,...

SMS Service
SMS services enable you to fast and effectively communicate the important advance information to your business partners. It is very convenient to inform about your campaigns, special offers, alerts, as a reminder for individual orders, … It is low-priced solution with a great deal of reach of your customers.

Newsletter/e-mail marketing
​This is another advantageous way to inform customers about your campaigns, special offers. It is suitable for building a strong brand awareness, building a loyal customer base and sharing news, events, etc… E-mail marketing provides you to focus all of marketing campaigns and efforts at specific groups of clients.

Managing and editing Facebook
Facebook is a favorable and inexpensive channel where you can present your company, services, products, news, etc. According to the time average internet users worldwide spend their time on Facebook, it is advisable and tactical to be present in this virtual environment.With our practical experiences, we will guarantee that the FB site becomes
viral, obtains likes and help you to increase your reach of followers.

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