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Call center Ortus Call

We are a team of highly skilled and multilingual agents) who provide top quality services in the field of inbound and outbound calls, checking customer satisfaction, hidden customer service, text messaging services, counselling and support for marketing actions.

Call center Ortus Call will find the best solution for your in accordance to your wishes and demands.

Call center services support the modern and reliable technology of the T-2 system operator and their partners. The system enables 24-hour monitoring and receiving calls. System CRM offers traceability and support for monitoring at the level of each call.

We provide on-going training to our agents in the field of rhetoric and to use new technology.
A client has the option of individual training of our agents for each campaign.

A client has the option of individual training of our agents for each campaign.

Adam Hajdič, CEO

t: + 386 40 77 07 07

After many years working abroad in the field of marketing and having an expert profound knowledge, he creatively uses principles of effective and successful strategies. His main responsibilities are to organize, motivate and manage the work of the team. CEO is also responsible for ensuring the legality of the work of the call center. He firmly believes that the
company is represented by people. Great employees are carefully chosen and they build trust through shared values. Like any good leader, he is highly motivated to work, with the desire to develop and achieve higher business goals of the company.

Mateja Meglič, Supervisor – outbound calls

t.: +386 70 871 133

As the head of the call center, she has the major role to closely monitors the implementation of different strategies and activities, evaluates them and also analyze cost-effectiviness. One of her various activities is to prepare, organize and import databases. At work she supervises agents and ensures that relevant tasks are assigned properly. She demonstrates outstanding virtues as are calmness, strong work ethic and ability to lead, motivate and encourage colleagues.

Jerneja Požar, Supervisor - inbound calls

t: + 386 64 242 500

The manager of inbound calls, with her broad knowledge of call center management, knowledge of services and the market, participates in the preparation and implementation of marketing strategies and actions that lead to the improvement of the company’s position on the market. She is a persistent person who communicates skillfully and has organizational skills. In her work, she is precise, attentive and focused on results and achieving set goals.

Tjaša Ogorevc, Outbound calls

t.: +386 64 230 100

As outbound call manager with her extensive and significant knowledge and many years of experience provide you with the best experience when communicating with your customers. She will impress you with her positive and energetic approach when solving even the most challenging projects. Her virtue is perseverance and bright attitude.

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